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Eco-Score®, or Environmental Labelling with Magic Fridge 🌏

We explain everything right here!

Eco-score®: what are they?

You can choose between the two following definitions:  😎

The simplest definition : indicators reflecting food’s environmental impact  (is that clear enough?)

A longer, more complicated (yet more precise) definition : indicators sorting food products or ingredients for one recipe, using their environmental impact ranking from A (low impact) to E (high impact). This tool helps consumers make a decision while taking into account the origins, production modes, transport, packaging, seasonality, and so on.

What are those for? 🧐

  • Because they look good! 
  • Because J-Lo asked us!  
  • Because eco-score® inform users of the impact of their choices, and give tips to a more responsible way of life 💪🌎

Eco-score® on our App:   📱

If you know the app already, go to a recipe . 

If not… Well this is wrong, so so wrong…🤬

Eco-score® show on each recipe, up on the left, showing this symbol  🍃

You can’t miss it. 

Eco-score® will vary depending on the ingredients in the recipe, and what you want to use or not. It’s a kind of magic!
In short, this environmental label will help you choose the best ingredients to put in your recipe in order to cut our impact on our beautiful planet. ❤

The purpose of Eco-score®  🎯

Eco-score® were created to try and answer questions on the environmental impact of the food industry. Find below a few pictures we drew to help you understand:

We know the facts. Now let’s take action! 

Ethical production+ more environmental-friendly food= 

  • You contribute to resource conservation
  • You help keep global warming below the dangerous threshold of 2 degrees Celsius
  • You help preserve biodiversity for future generations 👶🏻

What’s taken into account? ⚙️

What’s taken into account?   🧮

How are these eco-score® built ? 

Eco-score® are based on lifecycle analysis, together with a bonus-penalty system to build a score out of 100 . This result is shown with letters from A to E. ®

What’s in this formula?

  • Public data: quantitative data from lifecycle analysis. This “Agribalyse” Database was created by experts
  • Data that were not taken into account in lifecycles analysis, but give more information on positive or negative environmental impact 

Impacts are studied through the entire lifecycle of each product. 

For further information about eco-scores, please go to: //

The Community 🏉

The Founders of Eco-Score® ambition to offer a simple tool helping to reduce the impact of food production on our planet. Originally working in digital services, retail groups or food service industry, these professionals now use Eco-score® in their own organisations.

Eco-score® use an open, accessible and inclusive methodology designed for all people wishing to get involved in environmental issues. They can also be used for agro-industry and ready-made dishes purposes. 

the ECO-SCORE® brand is a registered trademark and property of ADEME