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Our Magic Partners 🤝

Because they cheer us on and commit with us!

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🥛 FaireFrance

Who are they? 🧐

FaireFrance is a dairy brand like no other. They belong to more than 500 farmers from all  around France 🇫🇷
What difference does it make? It changes EVERYTHING. All our farmers are in charge of selling their production.💪
It allows them to compensate for the costs of production AND get a decent salary (0,45€/liter). FaireFrance brings dedicated people together, people who take their job at heart and want to share and exchange with customers. Many educational activities are organized in stores, so as to forge links with us dairy consumers. Choosing FaireFrance does not only put milk in your cereals, it also helps changing farmers life and building a brave new world.  🌳

How to find this brand? 📍

In stores, go look for Justine 🐄 , the blue-white-red cow shown on the packagings. Justine, because this milk is just, fair. 

Why are we teaming up ? 🤝

FaireFrance is not only already committed to pay farmers a fair salary, but they also want to further support and commit with Magic Fridge, so as to limit food waste in our homes.   

For further details, you can listen to Jean-Luc Pruvot, CEO of FaireFrance, who did us the honor to say a few words. Go check on the left


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