Magic Fridge

Our mission :
Cook better to waste less

30 kg is the sufficient quantity of cheese necessary for a good raclette, a little more if you are 2 🧀

But it is also the total weight of food wasted each year by a French …
That’s a lot there, isn’t it? We agree, that’s why Magic Fridge was born! Support your daily life to cook without waste with surprising and delicious recipes but also tips that you can share during social dinners 😎
For example, did you know that vegetable peels are excellent in a Pudding Pie? Do you doubt it? Try the recipe!

30 kg, c’est la quantité suffisante de fromage nécessaire pour une bonne raclette, un peu plus si vous êtes 2 🧀

Mais c’est aussi le poids total des aliments gaspillés chaque année par un Français….
Ça fait beaucoup là, non ? On est d’accord, c’est pour cela qu’est né Frigo Magic ! Accompagner votre quotidien pour cuisiner sans gaspiller et ce avec des recettes étonnantes et délicieuses mais aussi des astuces que vous pourrez partager lors de dîners mondains 😎
Par exemple, saviez-vous que les épluchures de légumes étaient excellentes dans une Tarte perdue ? Vous en doutez ? Testez la recette !

✨ And here is the magic team ✨

Frigo Magic is a tight-knit team with talented people who all share the same vision on the cuisine of tomorrow 🍴
We are all different when it comes to cooking. It starts from the specialist in mashed sausage to the chef de boeuf bourguignon and here we are:

Sébastien Burel

⚙️ CTO & Magician

“Eat divine with three times nothing”

Caroline Lepoutère

💡 Builder of futures

“Bread on the breadboard”

Muriel Bodolec- Burel

👩‍🍳 Enhancing dishes

“To season”

Céline Bellamy

🎨 Head of Tetris and coloring

“Fortunately beer exists to boost my culinary skills a bit.”

Jonas Pasquier

🤠 The gold digger

“Cookies are the solution to all of our problems!”

Ninon Ngoulou

👩‍💻 Swiss knife

“If it’s edible, I love it!”

Yannis Ayache

📊 Number hunter

“Hunger justifies the means”

Camille Fontaine

🎮 Community leader

“When life gives you lemons, turn them into lemonade”

Marie Balcon-Piatkowski

🤓 E-business manager

“I eat, therefore I am”


Do you like to eat, cook or both?
We could have a place for you in our Anti-waste Team!