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To optimize the app, we recommend you fill in your profile carefully. Why? To suggest as many relevant recipes as possible to you, and your cravings, and create new features that will help you tomorrow

How ? 

To ensure you will like the recipes, don’t forget to mention your diet on your Gourmet Profile (omnivore, gluten free 🌾, lactose free🥛?)

Manage your preferences.  🥗Select « Healthy », matching recipes will show. Or would you rather go for comfort food? Gourmet recipes will show.🍔

🧇🍳 You’ve just bought some new kitchen equipment? You can mention it as well! 

Solo 🙋‍♂️, with a partner 💏, with children 👩‍👧, how do you cook? We’ll take that into account and adjust your recipes.

🛒 Tell us about your favorite supermarkets so we can try and get special offers for you !

You can also change your avatar, and show us what a star you are! 🌟 Do not forget to fill in your date of birth, so we can think of you on your birthday! 🎂


We hope this explanation is helpful, and you understand the importance of a complete profile.
Tell us more about you, so we can do more for you! 🤝