Magic Fridge

There is one ingredient I cannot find in my kitchen

You’re missing one ingredient, and you may think your dish is ruined.

Don’t panic, we can help. Today our ingredient list is created with what we think is the content of an average fridge. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know: contact@

If ,thanks to you, our team decides to add this new ingredient to the list, please be aware of the following information. Our cheffe needs some time to create new recipes with a new ingredient 👩‍🍳. Please allow two weeks to find your ingredient in the list, it will then show in the next upgrades. Also, remember to activate notifications.

In the meantime, with Frigo Magic, you can enjoy the variation! 🔀 We are the only app that instantly composes your recipe with what you really have in your fridge.

Why not take advantage of it? Choose the ingredients from the recipes that you really have at home and try to find a substitute for your missing food!