Magic Fridge

What’s the difference between the squares and the circles?

It’s both subtle, and simple.

You discover a recipe via an ingredient, which will be the main ingredient. The recipe will involve this particular ingredient, the first circle, and you can’t remove it.

This is when you can act on your recipe, by adding your own ingredients; You can choose from:

  • The circles: the essential category for the recipe. You can’t cook your recipe without it, you have to choose one or several circle
  • The squares are optional. You can remove or add as many as you want. A little something to your recipe. You don’t have to choose everything. The squares influence the taste you want to create (French, Chinese, Indian…).You can create dozens of combinations, for that one recipe. You can build your own recipe with what you have in your fridge.

Would you like to cook an unusual or standard dish? The choice is yours.