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At the beginning of each year, there is Candlemas and in France we make crêpes…! It is the perfect opportunity to stuff yourself with good crêpes without feeling guilty! Of course, everyone has their own preferences: chocolate, butter-sugar, peanut butter…. But the most important thing is to make a success of your crêpe batter! In itself, nothing very complicated, if you follow a few rules and tips.    That’s why, on this very gourmet day, we’re giving you our secrets for the best crêpes! As well as some original crêpes recipes that are sure to impress your guests! And of course, since crêpes should be for everyone, we also list the ingredients that can be substituted! So take your aprons, it’s time to prepare a superb and tasty Crepes Party


Foolproof crêpes: tips and techniques to know

At first glance, the recipe for crêpe seems within everyone’s reach. However, it is good to learn or remember these few rules, which will save you for sure!

crêpes pâte A lump-free batter

A lumpy crêpes is a failed crêpe, we agree! To prevent this from happening, run your batter through a fine sieve or strainer. This way you can say goodbye to lumps 

crêpes légères More lightness

Because Candlemas is crêpe day, not pancake day! To make a light, thin crêpes, replace a glass of milk with a glass of beer or cider. If you don’t like alcohol, don’t worry: the taste evaporates completely when you cook it!


Also, letting the dough rest is essential so that the starch in the flour swells and absorbs the liquid (in this case, the eggs and milk). This rule will ensure that the texture is thick enough, even and creamy! A non-stick pan will also be your friend!

crêpes express Express crêpes

First mix the liquid ingredients in a bowl: milk, eggs. Then add the dry ingredients: flour, sugar. 1 minute in the blender and it’s ready. Easy, isn’t it?

crêpes pâte Keeping the batter

Crêpe batter can be stored for 48 hours in the fridge in a bowl protected by cling film or a clean tea towel. Or, simply in a bottle so that you can easily mix and use it.
crepes faciles

Finally, there’s nothing complicated about making easy and foolproof pancakes crêpes inratables

A little originality: to bluff your guests!

crêpes salées Flavoured crêpes

Do you prepare crêpes every year for Candlemas? This year, surprise your children, friends, family with flavoured pancakes:

with vanilla (in the form of pod, flavouring, essence, vanilla sugar, …)

with orange blossom

with lemon or orange (in the form of zest)

with alcohol: rum, cognac, calvados, etc.

crêpes salées A savoury version

It’s true that when we talk about crêpes, we expect a mountain of spread, sugar, jam, … But not only that! This year, you can choose for a 100% crêpes meal, with a savoury version as the main course! For the filling, there’s plenty to enjoy:

ham, potatoes, cheese

salmon, crème fraîche or fromage frais

4 cheeses

pear and gorgonzola

💡I have leftover crêpes

Ouch… you’ve planned too much, and you’ve got some leftlover over the day after that memorable Candlemas evening. Problem: when you reheat them, they tend to become very dry and harder.

The solution: heat them up in a bain-marie! That way they will stay soft and light as air 😊

Put water to boil in a pan, and place a flat plate on top. Place your pancakes on top and cover them with a second plate. Leave them there until it warms up! They will then rehydrate while keeping their softness and suppleness.

Replace the ingredients

sans oeuf

Without eggs

You can do without eggs in your batter by using these ingredients:

  • 200g flour
  • 40 cl of milk
  • 2 packets of vanilla sugar
  • 50g obutter 
sans lait

Without milk

You can just remplace milk with water!
  • 125g flour 
  • 2 eggs
  • 25cl of water 
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
  • a pinch of salt

With all these tips and recipes, you’re in for a treat!

If you know of any other tips, share them in the comments area! We’ll add them to ours 😉  

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