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Not all of us have a fully equipped kitchen worthy of a top chef. We often lack certain kitchen utensils to make our recipes come true. In this article, Frigo Magic gives you some tips on how to replace a rolling pin, a china wheel and other utensils…


Replacing muslin, colander and strainer

These three kitchen utensils are usually used for straining. The muslin is a tightly woven textile, the colander is a very fine sieve and the strainer is a kind of metal colander with a conical shape.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the means, the space or the idea to have this kind of utensil in their kitchen and it is often when the recipe is started that you realise that you need it!

The solution: paper towels! Choose a cloth towel, as it can be reused. Take a colander or funnel and line it with a sheet of paper towel. The fibres of the paper towel will retain the large elements or impurities and you will obtain a clear liquid.

Do without a funnel

A funnel can be a very useful tool for pouring certain liquids into bottles or ingredients into jars. To make a homemade funnel, simply cut the top off a plastic bottle. You can keep the cap and make a hole of varying size depending on how much you want to pour and you have a great funnel!

Baking without a rolling pin

When making dough, it is often necessary to flatten it. To replace the famous rolling pin, which we don’t have, you can use a smooth glass bottle. Pies and quiches are yours!

Oui, c'est une bonne excuse pour entamer la bouteille, tant qu'on y est.

No salad spinner on the horizon

The paper towel is back in use, as it will soak up the water left on the surface of the salad leaves or other vegetables.

The other trick is to put the salad in a clean cloth and shake it over a sink and magic, it will come out dry, all that’s left to do is dry the cloth.

Flexible spatula, where are you?

To replace a flexible spatula, which can be one of the most useful utensils for licking the bottom of the bowl of melted chocolate (other than your fingers). Take a piece of thick but flexible plastic (a soft binder cover for example) and cut it into a closed U shape. Like the plasterers’ tool, the trowel, you can scrape the edges of your container and recover the precious last few ladles that are inaccessible to the spoon. Plus, it saves on waste!

Cutting pizza without pizza wheel 🍕

If you don’t have a pizza wheel, take a simple knife and coat it with butter. This way, the melted cheese won’t stick to it.

Legend has it that this trick only works with semi-salted butter.

Making sorbets without an ice cream maker!

Ideal for the summer: the ice cream maker! No budget ? Here  we have THE solution, be careful it takes a little time! Make your best ice cream recipe and pour it into a dish that you will put in the freezer at -18°C for 1 hour. Then put the mixture in a blender: at high speed until it is completely homogenised. Put the pan back in the freezer for 1 hour. You will need to repeat the operation twice. When eating, put the sorbet in the refrigerator in the coldest part so that you do not have a block for the dessert.

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