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 BREAKING NEWS! Beer can be cooked. And yes, even though for many people it is only consumed in liquid form, and there is no such thing as “leftover” alcohol. But it’s a great ingredient to use in a wide range of recipes. Have you got any leftover?  Find out what you can do with it!


What do you mean by "Beer Leftover" ?

We agree, beer is usually more often found in the glass than on the plate. But all you need to do is start a large bottle and not finish it. But then again, what do you do with just a bottom that you don’t want to drink? Don’t worry, instead of throwing it away, we use it to cook! We call it beer cooking. And it is very common among our English and Belgian friends.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a great cook, there’s nothing too complicated about this type of cooking and the recipes are very simple. You just have to take your time and incorporate it little by little, to avoid your dish taking on a hoppy taste.

Whether dark, light, bitter or fruity, it can be incorporated into many dishes and desserts. With all the different types of beer available, the possibilities are endless. Frigo Magic offers you a selection of 9 sweet and savoury recipes to make! Whether you are already a beer enthusiast or a novice, you are sure to find recipe ideas.

The benefits in cooking:

Beer is often associated with alcohol consumption, but it is also a great ingredient in cooking. It is full of nutrients, and with far fewer calories than you might think! It is even one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks.


It will also give a totally different taste to your dishes, so you can totally innovate and reinvent your classics! And yes, with cooking with beer, you are likely to make quite a splash, your guests will be hooked!

Which beer to choose?

To be on the safe side, choose flavours that go well together:

  • Simmered dishes: dark
  • Meat or sweet dishes: dark abbey
  • Fish: fresh or sour.

When to use it?

It can be used to replace wine, for example in risotto. It can also be used to deglaze a sauce or to give an original flavour to a simmered dish.

How do you keep it when it is used?

A little tip: close it with an airtight cap and place it upside down in your refrigerator. This will preserve its aromas and bubbles.

What if I still have some left?

If you still have some left over after making all the suggested recipes: you really don’t like it 😅 It can be used elsewhere than in the kitchen!

  • In the bathroom: transfer your stale base into a spray bottle, with hot water, white sugar, orange blossom water and grapefruit seed extract. Spray it on your hair for a tousled look.
  • In the bedroom: consumed in high doses, it can cause one hell of a drowsy effect! 😂🥴 But to avoid painful aftermaths, you can simply wash your pillows with water and a little beer, or pour a small drop on the fabric. Hops have an effect against insomnia.
  • In the garden: no, you don’t have to water your plants with this beverage. Instead, use the bottle. Fill an empty beer bottle with water, use it as a smart water tank to water your plants by sticking it in the ground upside down. The water will flow much more slowly than with a watering can. This will give your plant time to absorb the water.

For more recipe ideas using leftover beer, visit the app, where 35 recipes are waiting for you!

Don’t hesitate to share your recipes or other ideas in comments and on our facebook group.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.

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