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THE CHEESE! What a great invention isn’t it? 🤤 We love it, whether in a gratin, a raclette, a tartiflette, with a piece of bread (and a good glass of wine). Cheese is part of our heritage, gastronomy and culinary habits! So we had to list in one place everything you need to know about cheese! In particular the cheese leftovers, because at Frigo Magic: nothing is lost, everything is cooked! Hopefully this article won’t make you too hungry…

Tips for reusing your leftover cheese

➡️ A sauce with leftover cheese

You can tell that little piece of parmesan stuck in the fridge door doesn’t make you want to. And yet, it could give you a very cheesy and creamy sauce. To make it, mix your cheese with fresh cream. Add as much cream as you have grams of cheese. Melt it in a saucepan, and your sauce is ready!

➡️ Crust or no crust?

If you are afraid that your cheese will give too much taste to your dish, at the risk of masking the other foods, remove the rind! Indeed, in strong cheeses, it is the rind that gives so much taste (and smell…), so don’t hesitate to remove it, your cheese will be much sweeter. And if the taste is still too strong, add some fresh cream to your dish to soften it.

➡️ Re-use the crust

Obviously, when we tell you to remove the crust, it is not to throw it away… Zero waste at Frigo Magic ! You can reuse the cheese rind to flavour a simmered dish, like a good bolognese sauce for example. Be careful, remember to wash the rind well and remove its impurities 😉

➡️ Grate a semi-soft cheese

It’s hard to grate a semi-soft cheese, like tomme or gruyere. It’ll be easier if you put it in the freezer half an hour before grating 😉

➡️ A crisper gratin

Many gratin recipes end with the “sprinkle with grated cheese” step before baking. Whether it’s parmesan, cheddar, emmental, or gruyere, mix it with a little breadcrumbs. Once out of the oven, your gratin will be even crisper!

💡 Good to know

In France, there are over 1200 different cheeses! And yet, it’s always the same 5 that rotate in your fridge 😂 And in the Frigo Magic app, there are 31… so tell us in comments which ones you’d like us to add!

I thought I heard stomachs rumbling? ⬇️

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