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Yesterday morning you were happy and decided to go to the bakery to buy pastries for the whole family. The problem is that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew at the baker’s stall, and as a result you’re left with some pastries you don’t know what to do with! Unfortunately, they will quickly harden and become stale, because they don’t keep well. Today, we explain how to make up for and/or reuse your leftover croissants, pains au chocolat and other viennoiseries! 🥐


Refresh leftover pastries from the day before

Wet the paper wrapper of your brioche or pain au chocolat and put it in a warm oven for 5 minutes. They will regain their crispness!

➡ Give them back their crunchy

If you’ve already thrown away their paper wrapper, replace it with a sheet of baking paper. Moisten it and put it in the oven for a few minutes. Don’t throw away your baking paper, it can be used again 😉

Speaking of baking paper…

Did you know that you can find reusable baking paper in the shops? It’s also called a baking mat.

➡ Preserving pastries

What if we took the problem the other way around? If you think about it on the day you buy your buns and other delicacies, take the time to store them well! The golden rule: keep them airtight. This way you can keep them for another day (which means a second delicious breakfast). To do this, wrap your pastries in a paper bag or tea towel, and leave them at room temperature in a room where it’s not too hot or too cold.

➡ Freeze leftover pastries

Yes yes, you read that right: you can freeze your pastries! Put them in a freezer bag, separating them from each other, emptying as much air as possible from the bag. This way you can keep them for up to 2 or 3 months.

 On the day you take them out, wrap them in aluminium foil and put them in the oven for 15 minutes!

And here are some tips ideas that will save your leftover pastries from the bin!

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