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Scientists have discovered the best way to cook mushrooms so that they retain all their goodness. Pan-fried, steamed, fried… What is the best way to cook them for your health? The answer will surprise you!


🧐 Did you say mushrooms?

Many families

There are different families, edible, poisonous and even hallucinogenic. It is therefore important to have a good knowledge of mushrooms before picking and eating them.

Nutritional interest

Mushrooms are 80-90% water, which gives them a very low caloric value. Rich in soluble fibre, it allows for better intestinal transit.

Where do they grow?

The most favourable environment for picking is, without doubt, the forest and its immediate surroundings.

How to store them

Mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator for a week in a paper bag. 
After cleaning, mushrooms can easily be stored in the freezer in a freezer bag, raw or cooked.

The best way to cook

Nothing better than a pan of mushrooms cooked to perfection, you say? The findings of researchers from the “Mushroom Technology Research Centre of La Rioja” may cast doubt on this statement.

The study was conducted by testing the cooking of mushrooms in different ways: boiling, microwaving, grilling and frying. The method of cooking affected the composition of the mushrooms, preserving more or less their benefits. Mushrooms are an excellent source of trace elements, vitamins (B2 in particular), rich in protein and fibre. So it is worthwhile to choose the best cooking method.


Loss of protein, increase in fat

Frying was the cooking method that caused the most severe losses in protein, ash and carbohydrate content, but also increased the fat and energy content of the mushroom.

Boiling improved the total sugar content by improving the fibre fraction.

Top antioxidants!

Boiling and frying resulted in a significant decrease in antioxidants, while the roasted and microwaved mushrooms achieved higher values of antioxidant activity.

A rather surprising result considering that microwave cooking is rather poorly judged. Microwave cooking allows food to be cooked without adding fat, which is a good thing if you are watching your waistline or have high blood cholesterol.

Microwaving and grilling have been established as the best processes for maintaining the nutritional profile of mushrooms.

How do you do it?

Clean them and then place them in a microwaveable bowl, cover the bowl and cook on maximum speed for about two or three minutes, or more depending on the quantity (11 minutes for 500g of fresh mushrooms), stirring once during cooking (no need to add butter or oil).

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