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One of the most widely used condiments, along with ketchup and mayonnaise, mustard is the ideal ally for thrill-seekers – or rather, lovers of spicy flavours! It is most often used to accompany meat, or to make a dressing or mayonnaise. But your mustard pot can be useful in many other situations. So, how to cook mustard and enjoy its benefits?

Cooking mustard

➡️ Replace butter in a sandwich

Before making your sandwiches, think of your jar of mustard, which will replace the butter and enhance the taste with ham or cold meat!

➡️ Replace salt in a pie

Have you ever thought of brushing your pie crust with 1 tablespoon of strong mustard? With a vegetable pie, it’s sublime… and there’s no need to add salt! 🧂

➡️ A stronger vinaigrette

Remember to add a touch of mustard to your dressing. This will spice up your sauce, give it consistency and once again, there is no need to add salt.

➡️ Spicier bread

Do you make your own bread? Add a spoonful of hot mustard to the bread dough. It will be delicious and slightly more spicy 🥖

🤔 How is mustard produced?

Mustard is a preparation made from a plant called… mustard. The seeds of this plant are collected and ground to make a puree, then oil and vinegar are added. There are 3 varieties: white, brown and black mustard.

The benefits of mustard

Don’t hesitate to choose mustard over mayonnaise or ketchup. It is much lower in sugar, calories and additives. In addition, it helps to digest well 😉

The seeds of mustard plants can be used therapeutically, to clear the bronchial tubes and relieve sore throats.

💡 Preserve mustard

Keep it in a large jar (this is often the container it is bought in) and leave it in the fridge after opening. It keeps for several months, but watch the expiry date 😉

If you’re a mustard fan too, tell us in the comments which dishes you like to incorporate it with!

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