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You may have come across a recipe that asks you to use half a lemon, or just the juice, and you’re about to throw away the rest of the lemon… No way! Your lemon half can be reused! Whether it’s in another recipe, to do your housework or to cure your sore throat, you’re bound to find a mission for it 😉


🍋 Did you say lemon?

How is it consumed?

Lemon can be eaten raw, but also cooked! It will flavor all your dishes and is an excellent flavor enhancer.

How to preserve lemon?

At room temperature, it can be kept for a week. In a cool place, about ten days.

What is its nutritional profile?

Lemon is a source of fiber, rich in antioxidants, as well as vitamins C and B9. It is also a source of minerals: copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus!

Where does lemon come from?

It grows in hot countries. India and Mexico are the two main producing countries. France is only ranked 69th.

How to preserve lemon?

If you leave it in the air, you can keep your lemon for a week. If it’s in the fridge, it will keep for about 10 days. Keep your lemon away from all light sources, as well as your other fruits and vegetables.

There is another technique that can help you keep your lemon for several weeks! This way, it will keep all its virtues and its taste.

Simply place it in a bowl filled with water and leave it in the refrigerator, preferably in a compartment that is between 4°C and 10°C. You can therefore keep it in the vegetable bin or in the door of the refrigerator.

If you want to keep only the lemon juice, squeeze it and pour it into the ice cube tray. You can then freeze it and take it out whenever you want! However, be aware that once you cut your lemon, it will gradually lose its vitamins.

💡 Good to know

Our chef’s trick for preserving her sliced lemon: she sprinkles the sliced surface with fine salt 😉

♻️ How do you reuse a lemon?

➡️ Getting rid of bad odors from the fridge

Cheese lovers know what it is, the strong smell that escapes from the fridge when you open the door. To get rid of these bad smells, place half a lemon in the door of the fridge, it will take care of the stench. You can leave it there for up to a week.

➡️ Reuse a lemon to do your housework

Did you know? You can use your lemon half to clean your windows and mirrors! Collect the juice from the lemon, mix it in water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. No more need for chemical window cleaner 🙃

➡️ Treating your sore throat

Take advantage of the antiseptic virtues of lemon to treat your sore throat! Indeed it will help you fight against infectious germs, and eliminate mucus. To use it in this case, opt for a hot infusion 🥰

💡 I only need a few drops

To extract only drops of juice from your lemon, without cutting it, use a toothpick to make holes in the peel, and get only the amount you need!

Now you have plenty of options for reusing that lemon half, which at least isn’t likely to end up in the trash 😉 Know any other tips for preserving or reusing your lemon? Share them in comments ⬇️

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