Magic Fridge: instructions for use

Magic Fridge: how it works? The application is very easy to use, but here are some details to guide you step by step!

Magic Fridge: instructions for use

1 – Download the app from the App Store or Google Play (this step isn’t an option!)

2 – During the first use, follow the tutorial which explains how the application works.

3 – Select « All the ingredients » or specify if you have any dietary restrictions: vegetarian, vegan, gluten or lactose intolerant.

4 – On the « Ingredients » screen: the list of ingredients, divided into five categories, is already pre-filled. Take a few minutes to adjust it to your fridge.

For each ingredient, indicate if you have it « always », « sometimes », or « never » in your kitchen. To make the button appear, simply slide from right to left on the ingredient square and click on the corresponding box.

The more ingredients you select “Always”, the more varied the recipes will be!

5 – On the « Recipes » screen: It’s time to cook! Open your fridge and identify what you want to eat. Select among the ingredients the one you want to cook. A drop-down list appears and purpose you several recipes depending on the ingredients selected previously. Make your choice!

Magic Fridge: search and recipes

You can’t make a choice? Shake your phone or tablet and a random recipe will appear! It’s magic!

6 – Adjust the chosen recipe to your preferences by adding, removing, or changing some ingredients. Also indicate the number of people, and the quantities will fit! You can also know the nutritional values of each recipe thanks to the « Nutri-Score ».recipe-details Frigo Magic

Don’t hesitate to save your favorite recipes and share them with your friends! Just click on the heart. You can add your own photos too. You can also use the « Read » option and your phone will dictate you the steps to follow one by one.

Find your favorite recipes in the Magic Fridge menu, as well as the recipe of the day!

7 – Cook! Magic Fridge recipes are designed to be realized:

  • Quickly: in less than 30 minutes
  • With little kitchen utensils: dosages are easy to reproduce, for example using a tablespoon rather than the weight. To adjust the utensils you have or not, go to the Magic Fridge menu! The recipes will adapt to your utensils
  • Simply: simple steps and very easy technical gestures
  • Healthily: the « Nutri-Score » indicates the nutritional values ​​of each recipe

Our goal is that after your first try, you’ll know that you can now count on the app for the coming evenings. Every evening to come!

Our list of ingredients and recipes improves with your feedback: don’t hesitate to send us a message with your suggestions to contact@frigomagic.com




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