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The primary function of the skimmer is to remove foam: the whitish froth that forms on the surface of certain liquids when they are heated. But this utensil can also be used for other purposes in the kitchen. We tell you everything! ⬇️

➡️ Separate the yolks from the egg whites

To easily separate your yolks from your egg whites, use a skimmer and a bowl or salad bowl. Place your utensil over the bowl and break the egg on top. The white will come through the holes in the skimmer, leaving you with only the yolk intact! 🥚


➡️ Remove excess fat from a broth or soup

Get your favourite skimmer and put some ice cubes on it. Dip the skimmer into your broth, and you’ll see the fat sticking to the ice cubes 😉 Once it’s done, remove it and you’re done!


➡️ Replace a colander

If you don’t have a colander, use your skimmer and place it over a container with the same diameter!

➡️ Catch solid ingredients

You can also use your skimmer to retrieve food that is cooking in a pan of water, such as vegetables, eggs, or whelks!

➡️ Cook an egg

This technique comes from the social network Tik Tok! The trick is to first cook only the white of the egg by passing it through the skimmer. Before pouring in the yolk. We let Juan de Montreal show you his version 😂 ⬇️


💡 How to choose your skimmer?

Choose a rather large model, so that you can use it more easily for all the techniques listed above. As far as the material is concerned, stainless steel is best.

If Juan’s recipe doesn’t inspire you, check out the Magic Fridge app for a ton of recipe ideas 😉

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