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In the kitchen, honey is used in all kinds of recipes! As a starter, as a dessert or to accompany cheese. There are many choices: liquid, solid, light, dark, natural, organic, etc. So how do you choose your honey? What criteria should you take into account to enjoy its benefits? 🍯

How to choose your honey?

In the market, we have access to a large number of different types of honey. It is difficult to find your way around. So how do you choose your honey? You should know that not all honeys are the same!

➡️ The origin of the honey

Depending on the country where it was produced, it may have been cut with sugar! However, honey is an entirely natural product, which comes only from the work of bees 🐝 A good honey is one that has not been processed. Therefore, prefer honey produced in France, since the legislation requires it to be 100% pure. Also check the label to make sure your product is not a blend of honeys – as this will mean it has been mixed with water or artificial sugar.

The products found in supermarkets are unfortunately often industrialised and processed. You can more easily find quality honey at the market, and you will participate in the local economy 😉

💡 Magic Fridge tip:

Do you know how to tell natural honey from fake honey cut with glucose?

Pour 2 teaspoons of honey into an empty glass. Cover with water and observe. The natural honey will remain at the bottom without being diluted.

➡️ Consistency and colour

The choice depends on your tastes, preferences and the use you make of it! Some consistencies will be easier to use depending on what you want to do with it.

For example, if you want to spread honey on a slice of brioche, choose a creamy consistency. But if you want to use honey to replace sugar, in a yoghurt or a dessert, use a more liquid texture.

Yes! You can use honey instead of sugar. It will give a sweeter taste for less quantity, thanks to the fructose.

Every honey has a different taste and consistency, depending on the plants it comes from. As far as the colour of honey is concerned, this is simply due to the pigments in the plants.


Acacia honey, forest honey, oak honey, chestnut honey: strong taste.


Blueberry honey, fruity taste.


Lemon tree, almond tree, lime tree honey.

Did you know that all honeys, regardless of the plant they come from, will crystallize over time? This means that its texture will harden. If it is freshly extracted, it will be more liquid. But they do not all crystallize at the same speed. For example, bramble or raspberry honey will crystallize quickly and coarsely.

💡 Good to know

Honey is a non-perishable food, you can keep it indefinitely!

What about you? Would you rather have a sweet and sour recipe or a dessert to make the most of your honey? What other ingredient would you like to know more about? Tell us in comments!

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