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Some of us love vegetables all the time and in all their forms. For others, eating spinach and zucchini is a little more complicated. You’ve probably been told that you’re “picky”! And that’s a shame because, as you know, vegetables are full of benefits for our bodies. That’s why Frigo Magic is taking on the challenge of making you love vegetables! Your mom may have already tried, without success, but trust us, we have the technique 😉 Today, we teach you how to spice up your vegetables, and give them a totally different taste 🤤

How to spice up your vegetables?

➡️ Crispy baked vegetables

Basically, you can compare it to the famous “potatoes” of your favorite fast food chain. To make your vegetables sooo crousty, dice them up and drizzle them with olive oil. Place them on a baking sheet before sliding them into a preheated oven. In addition to being crispier, your vegetables will also cook faster!

➡️ Seasonal vegetables for more taste

Seasonal produce is best for a ton of good reasons, including this one: it tastes better! They taste better when they’re in season, since they haven’t been forced to grow faster or in weather conditions that aren’t suitable for them. On top of that, seasonal vegetables are cheaper!

➡️ Vegetable chips

Do you like industrial chips? If the answer is yes, you will also love homemade vegetable chips. The advantage is that you can make them with any vegetable: sweet potato, beet, carrots, cabbage, … with the right seasoning and a few minutes in the oven, it will be delicious.

➡️ Vegetables and comfort food can go well together

Why not combine business with pleasure? If you love lasagna, pizza, burgers, … know that you can easily transform them into a healthier dish by incorporating vegetables.

➡️ The secret is the seasoning 🤫

No one is forcing you to gobble up all that plain Brussels sprouts. It’s well known that seasoning can be a real culinary magic trick, and will give a whole new taste to your vegetables: a little garlic here, a few drops of soy sauce there. And why not a pinch of oregano and a squeeze of lemon juice? Don’t be afraid to use your culinary creativity to explore the infinite possibilities of seasoning!

➡️ Our secret boot: magic ingredients.

In addition to seasoning, we can provide you with many ingredients that will easily spice up your vegetables. Seeds, for example, will give you a new taste in your mouth, and especially more texture! We rarely think about it, but mixing textures can transform a dish. If you like, you can also abuse miso and tahini. Of course, the different vinegars and oils will also give your vegetables a boost.

There you go, no more excuses, now you know how to spice up your vegetables. Just motivate yourself to take the plunge, and you’ll be able to diversify your diet in no time 😉 No more excuses not to join us on Frigo Magic either :

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